Research shows our brains blossom through active use, and toddlers, like little scientists, are eager to explore.

Our Montessori program invites children on a daily adventure in a safe, secure environment. Tailored to each child’s needs, we give toddlers time and opportunities daily to immerse themselves in many areas:

Practical Life Skills allows toddlers develop a sense of self while learning to be independent. Buttoning, zipping, preparing food, and washing hands all help build confidence and teach independence. Toilet training is taught with a consistent routine established between parents and staff.

Motor Skills, concentration, and eye-hand coordination develop through activities such as pouring, spooning and grasping. They also learn to organize objects spatially. Outdoor playtime and classroom movement exercises promote large motor skills through activities such as jumping, running, dancing and walking.

Sensorial Exercises allow our children advance their sense of touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste. This teaches them concepts such as size, shape, and color. Outdoor adventures let children explore nature through their senses as well.

Language focuses on the explosion of verbal language as a hallmark of the toddler years. We help children gain a rich vocabulary through daily conversations and an exploration of literature via books and finger plays. Pre-reading activities include matching, counting, and understanding sequence of events. Children also learn to use and read facial expressions.

Mathematics are introduced through number concepts as students grow. Through use of the calendar and teacher-created materials, Langley Montessori toddlers learn to recite and identify numbers while also coming to understand that numbers have value.

Science allows our students explore the world around them. Science concepts are introduced through weekly topics that help to lay the foundation for scientific exploration. Hands-on activities and discussions promote discovery.

The Arts allows Langely Montessori toddlers develop self-expression and a passion for the arts by creating unique projects, singing playful songs and reciting fun rhymes daily. These musical and artistic experiences teach children to work on creative expression — with process being more important than product.