Since 80% of a child’s mental development takes place before the child is eight years old, quality education during this period is critical. In the Montessori tradition, each class is a prepared environment alive with a wealth of intriguing materials. By nurturing the child’s own capacities for concentration, perseverance and thoroughness, the Montessori approach fosters feelings of security, self-esteem, competence and pleasure in accomplishment. The aim for the young child is to establish foundations for a lifetime of creative and joyful learning.

Infant / Toddler Daycare

We can take wonderful care of your child starting at just 11 months, up to 30 months. Call to arrange a tour of our Infant and Toddler classroom in the Early Learning Centre, and see for yourself:

  • Montessori Qualified staff
  • Terrific facilities
  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive rates

Preschool and Kindergarten

We have two large, beautifully-equipped Montessori classrooms just for our Preschool crowd, starting around age 3. When it’s time to move to the next phase,  our vibrant and thriving Kindergarten classes make the perfect transition from Preschool to the Lower Elementary classroom.


The Montessori Elementary receives children already accustomed to being independent, self-motivated learners and encourages them to use their maturing reason and will to become highly productive and skilled individuals, cooperative with others, and appreciative of the world in which they live.


Special Enrichment Programs

But it’s not all about the classroom: We believe that a variety of fascinating and valuable experiences help our children to learn about the world around them and to grow into good citizens of the world.

Some of our most treasured programs include:

VOOM Banking

Working closely with Envision Credit Union, Langley Montessori was the first to conceive and run a credit union by kids, for kids. Each week, students take on the roles of bankers, doing deposits and withdrawals for their  classmates. The money and the accounts are real, and the experience is as valuable as it is groundbreaking!

Buds of Empathy

A mentoring program in which senior students spend time with the younger kids, helping them with work projects, reading and skills development – while at the same time learning leadership and setting a supportive example.

After-School Homework Club

Finding high-quality, trusted after-school care is difficult, especially in Langley. It’s a stress that working parents have told us about time and time again. So, we introduced the Homework Club: Supervised, focused time after school, in the School. Kids can get their homework done without distraction, and with a little help if they need it.

Summer Camps

Ages 6 – 12 years

Fill your child’s summer with fun and adventure at Langley Montessori’s Summer Day Camp Programs. Theme days such as Barnyard Palooza, Under the Sea, Christmas in July, African Safari and It’s a Bug’s Life. We have plans to visit Cultus Lake, White Rock Beach, Krause Berry Farm, Brookswood and City Park Waterparks, Flip City, The Greater Vancouver Zoo, Langley Library and Alder Lanes. Last year’s summer camps were a great success! In addition to providing the opportunity to transition our kindergarten students into the elementary classroom in a fun way, there were lots of opportunities for kids to form lasting friendships. Keep your kids engaged with familiar people and activities – and avoid summer “brain-fade”!

See our Summer Camps page for details.