Admission Procedure

  1. Forward inquiries about our Montessori programs to the Administrator or Administrative Assistant.
  2. Tour our facilities and observe a classroom in session.
  3. Submit registration form and fees to the school.
  4. Student visits the classroom without parents for one hour as part of the evaluation process
  5. Parent Interview

Interviews will be scheduled as soon as possible after requests are received.

Decisions on Admission

All decisions on admission will be returned  in writing and parents will be notified as soon as possible. Decisions concerning admission will be final.

Admission preference will be given in the following order:

  1. Children presently enrolled in Langley Montessori School
  2. Siblings of enrolled children
  3. New children with previous Montessori experience
  4. Other applicants

When an opening occurs, children accepted will be admitted according to the chronological order of applications. As the actual timing of admission to a class is an educational decision, however, it may be necessary for the school to deviate at times from the policy of chronological admission.

An Evaluation Time

A child enrolling for the first time at either the preschool or elementary level will be accepted on a six-week evaluation basis. At the end of the evaluation time, the director and parents will meet to discuss the child’s transition and orientation to the class. Any decision taken will keep in mind the best interests of the child. The school reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any child.