Here’s what some of our parents tell us about our school:

“We moved our children from the Langley public school system in 2007. Langley Montessori School has given our children so many educational opportunities that would have otherwise not been available to them. The school allows our children to explore and create and at the same time allows them to excel in all the required subjects. Unique projects, field trips, gym programs and school celebrations have made the school experience ideal. We are grateful to the wonderful teachers that encourage and guide our children through this educational experience.”

Rob and Angela Schmidt


 “My wife and I are delighted with Langley Montessori School, the teachers and the Montessori method. Our daughter has developed a love for learning which we expect to serve her well throughout her education and is thriving at L.M.S., we definitely believe we made the right decision for our daughter’s education.”

Rick K.


“Ty was three years old when he joined the school…shy and unsure of himself…Through the guidance of his wonderful teachers, he has developed in leaps and bounds…We, as parents are very pleased with Langley Montessori School and our son’s progress. The teachers, the environment, and the philosophy meet top notch standards. We would recommend this wonderful school with great enthusiasm.”

Haj Brar


“The teachers are patient, caring, and genuinely concerned about the children’s well being…at the end of the day, you know it’s a good sign when neither wants to leave…We have watched both of our boys blossom into independent, assertive, and respectful children. We love that the program is specific to each child’s needs. They are able to work at their own level and pace. Langley Montessori has by far exceeded all of our expectations. It is remarkable to see our children have such enthusiasm towards learning at such a young age. We highly recommend this program to anyone looking for top quality care and education for their children.”

Dave and Deanna Dubreuil